Skills: Digital Single

by Reflex

remixes by Bufi & Give Me Wallets

We’re so excited to welcome Reflex to our team for our 12th release, Sunset. And as the weather finally starts to warm up here in NYC, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The title track “Sunset” kicks things off with the sun-drenched synth style Reflex is know for. “Nothing Say or Do” takes things in a darker epic direction, while still keeping things sweaty on the dance floor.

Along with their two brilliant originals we’ve got a club rework by Reflex themselves, our buddy Bufi on remix duty taking things to the land of dark brooding bliss, and new comers Give Me Wallets from Japan coming on strong with their tropical love fest.

Artwork by Mari Saito

Beatport iTunes Direct from Us

Beatport iTunes Direct from Us